Metal Gear Industry 1

A mysterious Metal Gear website which went live right around April Fools’ Day is unsurprisingly a hoax. The impressively authentic 35th Anniversary page was picked up by a number of websites, but a Konami spokesperson has confirmed that it’s nothing to do with the Japanese publisher. “We’re currently considering how to deal with this site,” the company said. The page has since been updated with NFTs.

Metal Gear will celebrate its 35th anniversary later this year, as the original MSX game launched on 13th July, 1987 in Japan. We’re confident Konami will mark the occasion in some way – it could start by making PS1 game Metal Gear Solid playable on PS5 – but speaking with Tech Radar it pointed out that there’s “nothing we can say right now”.

How would you like to see Metal Gear’s anniversary celebrated? Are you holding out hope for a new game, or has the series lost its lustre since creator Hideo Kojima’s exit from Konami? Hide in a cardboard box in the comments section below.

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