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Techland will patch a New Game+ mode into Dying Light 2 at the end of April as part of the game's third update. Details as to what will carry over haven't been shared, but it's assumed your gear, skills, and level will all be accessible from the start of a second playthrough. Also included in the patch will be "many fixes" for single player and multiplayer content.

As long as your health and stamina upgrades carry over too, this should make unlocking the Platinum Trophy slightly easier. As detailed in our Dying Light 2 Trophy guide, you need Inhibitors to boost your stat points, but there aren't enough of them in the game to fully upgrade your health and stamina to unlock the associated Trophies.

This could be circumvented by never using any of them and manipulating save data to upgrade one after the other, but it meant playing the game without spending them naturally. With New Game+ soon to be available, you could at least now spend them on whatever you like and know you can collect the rest in a second run. That is if the mode works like that, of course.

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