This looks like a breath of fresh air. Glitch Busters: Stuck On You might not have the most eye-catching name, but as you can see in the reveal trailer, this co-op shooter certainly has style, and it looks like it's trying some interesting new things, too.

You and up to three others control little characters that are essentially magnets with heads, and you'll be fending off viruses within a virtual setting. There are six worlds to conquer, each with numerous stages and missions to complete with your chums, either locally or online.

In addition to numerous weapons and power-ups, players have access to magnetic abilities that can help them defeat the baddies. In the trailer, we see the characters stacking on each other, walking up certain walls, magnetising to each other, and more. It just looks like it could be a tonne of fun, but we'll have to wait and see what it's like.

Glitch Busters is lined up for a PlayStation 4 release in Winter 2022 — are you interested in this one? Stick with us in the comments section below.