If you’ve ever eaten at a traditional French bistro, then you’ll know the food hits different. Whether it’s something as simple as French onion soup or a selection of pastries for pudding, the flavours are frankly out of this world. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator will give you the opportunity to run your own gastronomic empire, as you seek Michelin status by mastering over 75 traditional dishes.

Developed by Cyanide and published by NACON for the PlayStation 5 and PS4, this tantalising title will see you prepping and perfecting world famous recipes, like bœuf bourguignon and pot au feu – icons of French cuisine. “From the selection, preparation, cutting, and cooking of the ingredients, to the setting of the plate and its seasoning, everything must be perfectly executed to satisfy the demanding customers,” the press release reads.

The game’s due out on 6th October and is likely to prove an acquired taste, but it’s already had the desired effect on this author – pass the macarons, please!

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