Shadow of the Colossus PS4

Video games have always contained excellent music, but up until relatively recently, it's not really been celebrated in the same way as other works. Outside of enthusiast circles, coverage of game soundtracks and scores has been rather slim. Fortunately, things have been trending upwards over the last year or two, and gaming music is about to be put on its biggest stage yet: the BBC Proms.

BBC's Proms celebrate classical and orchestral music every year with televised live concerts. This year, the festival runs from 15th July to 10th September, and one night is dedicated to video game music, old and new. On 1st August, Gaming Prom — From 8-Bit to Infinity will be performed at Royal Albert Hall in London, conducted by Robert Ames.

The full programme of music hasn't been revealed yet, but a few games and their songs have been confirmed. These include excerpts from Shadow of the Colossus and Kingdom Hearts, a track from Dear Esther, and a Battlefield 2042 suite. It should be an entertaining evening, as it spans the history of the medium, "from the classic console titles of the 1980s" to modern day.

You can book tickets through the above link, but it will also go out on TV if you can't watch it live. Anyway, are you pleased to see this? Will you be watching and listening to the Proms recognising game music? Hum a tune in the comments section below.

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