Arcadegeddon PS5 PS4

We'd forgive you for forgetting all about Arcadegeddon, IllFonic's colourful third-person shooter that hit early access on PlayStation 5 last year. While we've not heard much at all about the game since, we remember having a good time with it back when it arrived in its unfinished state. Now, the developer is preparing the game for its full "1.0" release, and it's just a couple of months away.

The proper launch of Arcadegeddon is happening on 5th July 2022. Not only does this launch take the title out of its early access phase, it also adds in a whole load of extra content, including a new biome and final boss loop. A physical release, published by Nighthawk Interactive, has also been announced for both PS5 and PS4, launching at the same time.

If you bought the early access version of the game, you won't have to pay any extra — your copy will simply be upgraded to the final build, which is nice. We're definitely curious to hop back in and take the game for a fresh spin when it's out of early access.

Have you been playing Arcadegeddon during this time? Will you go back to it when it leaves early access this summer? Shoot down to the comments section below.