The Apex Legends next-gen update is available on the PlayStation 5 now. It's almost weird to type, as we all know the Apex Legends community has been gagging to get its DualSenses to work in an even silkier rendition of Respawn Entertainment’s excellent battle royale.

But now that it is here, how does the next-gen Apex Legends compare to the ol' trusty PS4 version we’ve been clocking in the hours with for over three years now? You can find out all the details and get a quick look at some crystal clear gameplay, with our video on the Push Square YouTube channel.

However, if you’d prefer to read up on all the details here’s everything new you can expect with the Apex Legends next-gen update:

  • 4K resolution
  • 60fps gameplay
  • HDR
  • Higher-resolution shadow maps
  • Greater level of detail distances

All of the above features are present in Apex Legends on PS5, which you can download from the PS Store now. You will need to redownload the whole game, but for those with stacked internal storage, you’ll be glad to know that the Apex Legends PS5 version comes in at around 10GB less than the PS4.

The update is a welcome addition, especially to all of those gamers out there rocking 4K HDR displays. Colours really pop, and overall the visual presentation is far more realistic. However, the lack of haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, and 120 frames-per-second refresh rate support does leave this next-gen update feeling rather last-gen. Luckily, Respawn confirmed that all of these features will arrive in a future update, so once again Apex players will need to play the waiting game.

So, that’s it for Apex Legends next-gen. Feel free to let us know down in the comments your thoughts on this long-awaited update.