Journey 10

Ten years ago today, on the 13th March 2012, a little game called Journey went a long way in changing our perception of 'smaller' video games. At the time, when it originally launched on PlayStation 3, Journey was met with a tidal wave of praise from both critics and players. It was and still is a uniquely fulfilling title — only a couple of hours in length, but a brilliantly realised slice of interactive art.

One of the things that set Journey apart was its anonymous online co-op. You could be paired up with anyone at any time, and you'd continue the journey together — your only means of communication being the little chirps of your robed character. Simple but incredibly effective.

Tied together by an astonishing orchestral soundtrack and some beautiful visuals, Journey was a landmark release — and it got even better with the PS4 remaster, which floated onto the scene in 2015. Both versions of the game got an extremely rare 10/10 review score from us here at Push Square — and if that doesn't warrant masterpiece status, we don't know what does!

Do you have fond memories of Journey? Maybe you're thinking about booting it up for the game's tenth anniversary? Vote in our poll, and then aim for the mountain in the comments section below.

What are your thoughts on Journey?