Shenmue is one of Sega's most iconic franchises. It started life on the Dreamcast over two decades ago and was one of the most expensive video games ever made; it was followed by two sequels and has legions of fans all over the globe.

Now, Numskull Designs has created the ultimate gift for any self-respecting Shenmue fan – a 10-inch statue of the game's hero, Ryo Hazuki, poised for battle in the iconic Heartbeats bar fight scene from the first game.

"Ryo is unmistakable in his jeans and brown jacket featuring the iconic tiger design," reads the press release. "Every detail from head to toe has been paid close attention to; every crease, frown and facial feature as well as intricate details on the clothing and props have all been carefully designed by the Numskull team for this iconic character."

That's not all! "The base features a number of references that fans will recognise instantly, such as the toppled table and barstool, branded beer mats, and a spilt glass of milk — served to Ryo by the barman as an insult when he entered the bar."

If you fancy getting one of these, you can pre-order direct from Numskull Designs now. It costs £89.99.

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