Well, this looks rather delightful, doesn't it? The Outbound Ghost is confirmed to appear on PlayStation in 2022, and it's a cutesy RPG about little ghouls searching for the afterlife.

You play as one ghost who's searching for answers to the mystery of their own death, and along the way, you'll meet other deceased individuals also looking to move on. It's all presented in a 3D environment, but all the characters are 2D sprites, giving this a very Paper Mario look and feel. There are turn-based battles, puzzles to solve, and a mysterious town to traverse with your party of phantoms.

There's no concrete release date yet, and we're not clear if this is coming to PS5, PS4, or both. However, it looks like a pretty promising little game, so we'll be keeping an eye on it. What do you think of The Outbound Ghost? Float into the comments section below.

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