PlayStation Haven Studios

Sony has announced the acquisition of Jade Raymond's development team, Haven Studios. The value of the deal is unknown.

If you're unfamiliar with the name, we wouldn't be surprised. This is a new studio that has yet to put out a game, and is currently working on a PlayStation exclusive live service title. This partnership was announced a year ago, but now, the platform holder is making Haven an official part of PlayStation Studios.

PlayStation head Jim Ryan describes the developer as "an emerging studio with an exceptional team of talent", and says this is the company's first Canadian studio.

Hermen Hulst, who leads the first-party PlayStation Studios, explains why the acquisition has been made now rather than waiting. He tells they "could have just carried on in the capacity of [Haven Studios] being an external development partner". However, the team's unannounced project "is so exciting for us, there was just a desire to deepen that relationship".

What do you make of this sudden acquisition? Are you excited to see what Haven is cooking up? Tell us in the comments section below.

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