We've been hoping for some sort of new content for PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal, and it seems our patience has been rewarded. Developer Housemarque has just announced Returnal: Ascension, a massive game update that adds two totally new ways to play.

Firstly, this update brings us the Tower of Sisyphus, a survival mode with escalating difficulty. After unlocking the Icarian Grapnel, you'll be able to access this mysterious new area, which pits Selene against increasingly challenging phases, each with 20 floors to conquer. A new boss, Algos, presents milestones in your journey up the tower, but will also become harder each time you reach it. With leaderboards and score multipliers to consider, it sounds like a great endgame challenge to keep players coming back for more once they've wrapped up the main game.

Additionally, you will be able to play two-player online co-op, because two Selenes are better than one, right? A new Chronosis portal near the crash site will allow you to host or join a public cycle, or you can set up a private one to play with a friend. You won't be able to stray too far from your teammate, and if one player is downed, the other has a chance to revive them. You are restricted somewhat — co-op can't be played during house sequences, daily challenge mode, or the new Tower of Sisyphus — but you'll be able to tackle the main game itself with a friend.

The trailer appears to feature a new weapon and new scenarios too, so there may be more to uncover when Ascension launches on 22nd March. To top it all off, this is all free. We can't wait to get stuck in.

There's more info over on the PlayStation Blog. Are you excited to return to Atropos with a buddy? Drop into the comments section below.

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