Guilty Gear Bill Clinton

The year is 1999, and Bill Clinton is president of the United States of America. The ever-growing popularity of video games is causing a stir, and Clinton decides to highlight the potential dangers of our favourite hobby during a now much-memed speech. He presents a number of 'violent' video game magazine ads to onlookers, the most infamous being an advertisement for the original Guilty Gear.

Said ad reads "kill your friends guilt free". Needless to say, Clinton wasn't a fan. And with the popularity of Guilty Gear Strive, this speech has seen a serious resurgence, forming the basis for countless internet memes and references.

Of course, this all took place 23 years ago, and we never thought that Guilty Gear would cross paths with Bill Clinton again...but here we are. Strive's latest update, which adds what is essentially a photo mode where you can arrange character models and share creations with other users, has allowed players to pick out a familiar presidential figure.

In the game's new White House-based stage, a portrait of not-quite-Bill Clinton is visible in the background. The man himself once again finds his fate entangled with that of gaming's most hard-rocking fighter.

Obviously it's just a fun nod, but it still makes for an entertaining story when you put it all together. 1990's game advertisements really were something else, weren't they?

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