A little while ago, it was reported that the PlayStation mobile app would be getting a very handy feature. Basically, it would allow you to see your PlayStation 5 screenshots and clips within the app automatically, and from there, it would be much easier to share. This functionality has been available in the US for a couple of months, but it's been MIA in other major regions since.

Today, Sony has finally updated the PS app in Europe — you can now enable the auto-upload of your captures and see them on your smart device.

Having checked it out ourselves, it's very easy — you don't even need to download an update for the app. We opened it up and it immediately told us this feature is now available. To activate it, go to the Game Library, where you'll find a new tab named Captures. Assuming you have your primary console linked up, a single button tap is all that's needed to set up. It's worth mentioning that screenshots and videos taken before you enable the auto-upload will not be uploaded.

Anyway, it's a neat feature that'll make it much easier to quickly share your favourite shots. Will you be making use of this? Tell us in the comments section below.

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