Take note EA Sports and FIFA: this is how you change your game’s commentary team. MLB The Show 22 is adding brand new commentary this year, provided by Jon ‘Boog’ Sciambi and Chris Singleton. The duo recorded across 128 sessions for a total of 350 hours, adding 45,000 brand new lines of commentary to the game.

But the innovation doesn’t end there! “A new conversation system has been implemented, allowing for more natural banter between commentators that seamlessly integrates into the live action of each game,” Sony San Diego Studio’s Ramone Russell wrote on the PS Blog. “Boog and Singy recorded a lot of their lines together to bring this feature to life.”

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In addition, the Sony studio has made various advancements to the way lines of dialogue are stitched together, making colour commentary and dynamic play-by-play delivery more varied and dynamic. Perhaps coolest of all, though, the team’s taken calls from real-world MLB games and integrated them into the game, adding yet more authenticity.

“Working with San Diego Studio over the past few years has truly been one of the most memorable experiences of my career,” Chris Singleton said. “This isn’t easy work for any of us but we all became a family and enjoyed the grind together. The entire team loves the sport of baseball so much that oftentimes our recording sessions featured passionate off air discussions/debates about the sport.”

Obviously the proof will be in the pudding, but after growing a little tired of the commentary in MLB The Show 21 – which was decent to be fair, but was getting a bit repetitive – we’re ready for an entirely new team to take the microphone. You can get an early taste of the commentary courtesy of the trailer embedded above, with an extended Feature Premiere to follow later this week.

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