MLB The Show 22 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

If you ignore the games that exist purely for easy Trophies, like My Name Is Mayo and Mr Massagy, then MLB The Show 22 looks to have one of the simplest Platinums on PlayStation 5 and PS4. The trinkets, which leaked ahead of the title’s release overnight, include Gold gongs such as “Promote to Rookie pitching difficulty in Dynamic Difficulty”. That’ll take, literally, 30 minutes at most.

Similarly simple Gold Trophies include hitting an inside the park home run and hitting a home run with a starting pitcher. It gets easier from there: you’ll need to register two double-plays in a single match for one Silver gong, and create a Diamond Dynasty team for a Bronze. All of these are going to come through traditional, natural play.

In fact, we reckon the vast majority of you will have the Platinum Trophy done and dusted within three or four hours at most – potentially even less. Obviously, the longevity for MLB the Show 22 will come from its live content, and Sony San Diego has been dialling down the difficulty of the series’ Trophies for some time, but this year’s Trophies are incredibly easy.