There's always another lovely indie game to play, isn't there? They're flippin' everywhere these days, but you won't hear us complaining. Last year saw the arrival of Unpacking on other platforms, and the cosy, chilled out experience picked up a lot of praise. Fortunately, developer Witch Beam is bringing its game to PlayStation 5 and PS4 "soon".

If you're unaware, Unpacking is a game that's all about, well, unpacking. You'll go from room to room, opening up boxes and removing all kinds of paraphernalia in order to place them in the character's new home. There's very little in the way of challenge here — it's all about the methodical process of getting everything just how you like it. Along the journey, you'll also slowly learn more about the protagonist's life, with a subtle narrative told through her belongings. You can see how it looks in the above trailer.

If you're a collector, you might be pleased to learn that Unpacking isn't just getting a PlayStation Store release. It's also heading to retail courtesy of Limited Run Games. Pre-orders for this edition are live now, although there's currently no confirmed release date.

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