Returnal's free Ascension update was one of the (few) highlights from Sony's latest State of Play showcase, and ahead of its 22nd March 2022 release, Housemarque has today shared an in-depth look at the game's new endless mode. It takes place in a new location called the Tower of Sisyphus, and tasks you with beating increasingly difficult waves of enemies. You'll work towards high scores through multipliers, as the 18-minute gameplay video above reveals.

The HUD details how you'll be working your way through phases of the tower, with each containing multiple rooms. New enemies will be part of the Tower of Sisyphus, and if you complete certain objectives, you'll be teleported to bonus rooms containing items from the main game. However, there are some dangers attached to them, and your multiplier will also deplete the entire time you spend in them. Therefore, making your decisions quickly appears to be the name of the game.

The gameplay demonstration then goes on to highlight a new boss named Algos and even some all-new first-person story cutscenes. It looks like there's a ton of content packed into this free update, and it's launching alongside co-op for the base game. Will you be going back to Returnal to check it all out? Let us know in the comments below.