This is getting a bit ridiculous now, and Polyphony Digital is going to have to act fast. Gran Turismo 7’s reputation is in the gutter following an extended outage last week and alterations to the racer’s economy which some fans feel is pushing them towards microtransactions. It currently commands the lowest user score of any PlayStation exclusive ever on Metacritic, which should give you a sense of how strong the backlash has been.

And now one fan has cooked up a Credits farming script, which allows them to earn in-game currency while they’re not even playing. It uses a combination of Remote Play and code to effectively run a race on Blue Moon Bay over and over. There’s an incredibly complicated setup involved, where you need to alter your control inputs and even use a specific car, but you can earn up to 550,000 Credits per hour, which is worth just under £7.99/$9.99 in microtransactions.

To be honest, we’re shaking our head at this entire sorry saga. Gran Turismo 7 was so warmly received at launch that it’s agonising to see stories like this emerge after one controversial patch. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Polyphony Digital will backtrack over the coming days, but honestly, it feels like the damage may already be done, and ridiculous workarounds like this one aren’t helping!

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