Update: Here's a very important development in this story. The following image is now iconic:

Original Story: A big part of the early excitement surrounding Elden Ring was the involvement of famed author George R. R. Martin. His book series A Song of Ice and Fire — along with the HBO adaptation, Game of Thrones — cemented him as an incredibly talented fantasy writer. His efforts combined with FromSoftware's action RPG chops? It's no wonder the gaming community went mad for it from the very first trailer.

Martin was brought onto the project in order to build the game's fiction and establish its world, so his work wrapped up long before the title we're all playing today was finished. Writing on his personal blog, the author is clearly thrilled with how the game has been received by critics and fans.

"Years in the making, Elden Ring was released last week, and has been taking the gaming world by storm," he writes, before linking to a handful of the spotless reviews.

He continues, asserting that "almost all the credit should go to Hidetaka Miyazaki and his astonishing team of games designers" and that he's "honored to have met them and worked with them". He signs off by revealing his current mood as "bouncy". If we'd worked on something as well-received as Elden Ring, we'd be pretty excited, too.

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