Tiny Tina's Wonderlands PS5 PS4

Borderlands spin-off Tiny Tina's Wonderlands will support crossplay across every platform when it launches at the end of this month. Releasing for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, the feature lets you interact and play with friends no matter what box sits under their TV. The reason this is noteworthy is because Borderlands 3 still doesn't support crossplay on Sony consoles, although Randy Pitchford seems confident it'll happen eventually.

Back in May 2021, support for crossplay in Gearbox's comedic looter shooter was patched into every version except for the PS5 and PS4 ones. At the time, this was apparently due to "certification" purposes. However, in a response to fans earlier today, Pitchford says the publisher may have information on the topic to share soon. "The future addition of PlayStation to crossplay for BL3 is now what I would consider to be inevitable."

Back to Tiny Tina's Wonderlands and it sounds like the team has had to put in extra work to make crossplay possible. Pitchford says "none of the platforms were designed for this" and there could be "hiccups" at launch. "We’ve done impossible work to make it happen and to try to make it as easy to use as possible, but this is new territory and the wild is not a test environment."

Therefore, it sounds like the upcoming title is taking a slightly different approach to crossplay when compared to other PS5, PS4 Crossplay Games. The charismatic Gearbox lead thanks Sony and 2K engineers "for working together on this", so there's certainly been some tinkering under the hood. The game launches for PS5 and PS4 on 25th March 2022.

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