Farming Simulator 22 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

It’s important for us all to shoulder the burden of climate change, and the agricultural industry is no exception. Initiated by farming manufacturer John Deere, and led by EIT Food and the European Union, new technological innovations in farming are helping the industry to reduce their overall impact on the planet. And you’ll be able to explore these yourself, as part of a free Precision Farming update for Farming Simulator 22 on the PlayStation 5 and PS4.

“The DLC will add crop sensors and variable seeding and drilling, variable weed control, as well as the variable rate application of organic fertilizer,” developer Giants Software explained. “The new environmental score helps players to increase the sustainability of farms and the yield of crops by choosing smart technology made available with the DLC.”

This add-on is an expanded and improved version of the one already available in Farming Simulator 19, and many of the same features will return: “This comes in addition to the features of the initial version released, which laid the foundation by introducing soil types, soil sampling, variable rate fertilization, and economic analysis. Existing features will return and be improved on: for example, players will get the chance to acquire soil maps by a service provider in exchange for a fee, saving time on taking soil samples themselves.”

We had a little play around with this in Farming Simulator 19 and, while it is complicated, it’s quite fascinating to learn about how the agriculture industry is trying to make its work more sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. We’ll definitely be taking a look at this when it arrives on 19th April.