FIFA 22 Russia

EA Sports has announced that it has "initiated processes to remove the Russian national team and all Russian clubs" from FIFA 22. This is due to Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, with EA Sports stating that it "stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people".

The main bodies that oversee professional football in Europe and elsewhere — FIFA and UEFA — confirmed earlier this week that they would be suspending all Russian teams from playing in competitions. EA Sports' seemingly imminent action falls in line with this.

At the moment, the details of removing Russian teams from FIFA 22 are unclear. We assume that entire clubs will simply disappear from the game, and will likely be replaced with teams from other nations in offline modes that include European tournaments, like the Champions League.

In any case, EA Sports says that it will keep players updated on "any actions taken". It's also removing all Russian and Belarusian teams from its latest ice hockey title, NHL 22, "within the coming weeks".