How many more Digimon Survive stories do we have to write? The long awaited role-playing game has been scuppered by delays and development troubles for getting on four years now, and there's still no confirmed release date in sight — just a vague '2022' window.

We do, however, have a new trailer, and some additional information from Digimon Con 2022, which took place over the weekend. As it turns out, Digimon Survive has actually been moved from its original developer, Witchcraft, to HYDE, another Japanese studio. As such, it's taken even longer for things to get back on track, but producer Kazumasa Habu is confident that it's now all going to plan.

During the event, Habu spoke about the game at length, discussing what players can expect. The gist of it is that this is still a story-driven, turn based strategic RPG in which you command a party of digital monsters. When you're not on the battlefield, you'll have to forge friendships with other digimon users through visual novel-style interactions. The narrative can branch off in different directions depending on your choices, and one run will take around 40 hours to complete.

Digimon Survive still sounds great, then, but at this point we just want to know when it's coming. Hopefully this will be the game's last major update before we finally get a release date.

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