Space epic Deliver Us the Moon, which just announced a sequel in the form of Deliver Us Mars, will come to PlayStation 5 via a native version available on 19th May 2022. Owners of the PS4 version will receive a free PS4 to PS5 upgrade, but physical PS5 copies are still being made for £19.99/$24.99. They're available to pre-order in the UK through the Wired Productions store, while Limited Run Games will stock boxed copies for the US.

As for the PS5 version itself, the game has been "remastered" in 4K, featuring ray-traced shadows and reflections. There'll be faster load times, and the adaptive triggers will be taken advantage of along with the PS5 pad's built-in speaker. There's no word on any use of haptic feedback. Discussing the current-gen enhancements, KeokeN Interactive CEO Koen Deetman said: "The new additions to the game are absolutely stellar and I think fans and newcomers alike will be over the moon with the changes."

If you opt for the aforementioned physical PS5 copy, you'll also get a double-sided poster, sticker sheets, a reversible sleeve, and a digital EP download.

In our Deliver Us the Moon PS4 review, we awarded the game an 8/10 and concluded: "Deliver Us the Moon is a short but exciting adventure set in the beautiful depths of space. With the fate of humanity in your hands you’ll feel determined to see things through to the end. There’s a good variety of puzzles you’ll need to solve, and while none of them are particularly difficult, the real pleasure is in seeing what new wonders the game has in store for you in each area."