If you enjoyed Deliver Us the Moon, developer KeokeN Interactive has some good news for you. Deliver Us Mars is the freshly announced sequel in this sci-fi adventure series, and you can get a taste for it with the above teaser trailer.

Coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4 "soon", the game is set 10 years after the events of its predecessor. Apparently there will be "deep connections between the games", but Mars will tell its own tale, meaning newcomers can jump in without playing Moon.

The studio states the sequel will build on the "grounded approach to sci-fi storytelling while enriching the gameplay experience", featuring "numerous new mechanics". One example is a climbing system, letting you traverse Mars' craggy, dry landscape.

Again, there's no release date as yet, but it is confirmed for release on Sony's consoles at some point down the line. Are you looking forward to this sci-fi excursion? Put your space suits on in the comments section below.