Chrono Cross Remaster Soundtrack
Image: Push Square

Square Enix has issued an update to its original reveal of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition. Previously, an official article on the soon-to-release remaster stated that players will be able to switch between the original PS1 soundtrack and a rearranged set of music created specifically for the revival. Unfortunately this was, somehow, an error.

Square Enix has corrected the mistake, and is now saying that The Radical Dreamers Edition does not feature the original soundtrack. Hopefully the rearranged score is good, because you're going to be stuck with it.

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Indeed, Chrono Cross has some great tracks — proper PS1 Japanese RPG bangers — so you'd assume that the updated soundtrack won't be a total bust. Still, it's a bit of a shame that we won't be able to compare the scores within the game itself.