Babylon's Fall has sadly gotten off to a very rocky start. It's been critically panned, and judging by Steam player numbers, it's not holding the attention of its audience, either. No one ever wants a game to fail, of course, and there have been some miraculous revivals through the years. It seems Square Enix isn't giving up on the game just yet, as a new survey suggests it's looking to make improvements to the experience.

This survey asks the game's users for their thoughts, primarily with regard to its visuals. Many have criticised the title's presentation and graphics, and it appears that this is the first point for due attention from developer PlatinumGames.

The above tweet states the survey will help to "bring a better game experience to Babylon's Fall", so the team is clearly aware of the lacklustre response. Presumably, other surveys may follow this one, focusing on other aspects of the game that could do with some attention. For now, though, you can have your say about the game's graphics.

Have you been playing Babylon's Fall? What are your thoughts on its visuals? Tell us in the comments section below.

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