Horizon Forbidden West PS5 PS4
Image: Push Square

Sony seems to have a knack for retaining users, and it appears to be the same for Guerrilla's latest, Horizon Forbidden West. The game has been out for nearly three weeks at this point, and in that time, it seems a dedicated percentage of players have stormed through to its ending.

Using Trophy data, we can see that, at the time of writing, 12.9 per cent of players have completed the story in Forbidden West on PlayStation 5. The statistic is almost identical on the PS4 version, with the Trophy for reaching the end sitting at 12.4 per cent. For a game of this size and scope, that seems like a pretty good pace, and these figures will likely trend upwards as sales slow down and more people work through the core quests.

Obviously, this doesn't represent all players, only those who have synchronised their Trophies online. We'd wager that most users are doing this, though — it seems like a good barometer for how things are going.

Some more Horizon Trophy stats while we're here. Just 2.4 per cent of players have obtained the Platinum so far. 9 per cent have reached the level cap of 50, and 85.2 per cent have reached the Daunt — the game's initial open area — meaning 14.8 per cent are still hanging out in the very first mission of the game. Must be something to do with Bearded Varl.

Anyway, we thought this was all pretty interesting. How far through the game are you? No matter how much progress you've made, our Horizon Forbidden West guide will have something to offer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.