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  • Poll We Want You to Rate Your Favourite PSP Games

    Help us build a definitive list

    With Sony now more or less completely withdrawn from the handheld gaming market, it’s perhaps easy to forget that the PSP was a huge success. While it was pretty much always in the Nintendo DS’ shadow, the system sold a staggering 80 million units throughout its lifespan, and served as a precursor to pocketable...

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  • Guide Elden Ring: All Sacred Tear Locations

    Where to find every Sacred Tear

    What are all Sacred Tear locations in Elden Ring? Instead of giving you more uses of the Sacred Flask, the Sacred Tear will increase the amount of Health or FP one use replenishes. You'll want to find as many as possible in combination with Golden Seeds to ensure you can stay alive for as long as possible in a fight...

  • Guide GTA Online: How to Upgrade Cars at Hao's Special Works

    Unlock some impressive PS5 tuning improvements

    Looking for how to upgrade cars at Hao's Special Works in GTA Online? Hao's Special Works, or HSW, is a new addition to the LS Car Meet which allows you to upgrade select cars with special HSW Tuning Upgrades that are exclusive to the new-gen version of the game, including the PS5. As part of our

  • Hands On Is GTA 5 PS5 Worth It?

    One night in Los Santos

    Aw sh*t, here we go again! Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the greatest selling games of all time, shifting over 160 million copies in the decade or so since it debuted. First released on the PlayStation 3 in 2013, the game was a mainstay on software sales charts throughout the entire PS4 generation, and now it’s launched on...

  • Guide GTA 5 Cheats: All Cheat Codes in Grand Theft Auto 5

    Criminal code

    What GTA 5 cheats are in Grand Theft Auto 5? Cheat codes are sadly a bit of a rarity in this day and age. There was a time when virtually every game under the sun launched alongside a list of convoluted button prompts allowing you to unlock secret costumes, exciting items, and, if you were really lucky, brand new gameplay mechanics...

  • Feature Best Uses of PS5 DualSense Controller So Far

    More than a feeling

    As we’ve continued to learn ever since our PS5 review, the DualSense controller is a bit of a revelation in terms of gameplay feedback. The pad allows you to feel PlayStation 5 games in a way that you never could with past DualShock devices, providing force feedback in the triggers and ridiculously realistic rumble sensations...

  • News Ten Second Hogwarts Legacy PS5, PS4 Taste Has Us Hyped

    Ahead of State of Play

    It’s a big week, readers – a big week! If there’s one game at Push Square Towers that has us utterly spellbound, it’s the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy. And after waiting well over a year for fresh gameplay footage following a spate of delays, here we have it: ten seconds of Gryffindor’s common room, as a character gets...

  • News EA Play Members Get a New PS5, PS4 Game This Month


    EA Play’s vault continues to expand with the addition of a new PlayStation 5 and PS4 game this month. Subscribers will be able to download F1 2021 from 24th March, which is perfectly timed to coincide with the start of the new season this weekend. As always, you’ll get access to the entire game to play, as long as your membership doesn’t...

  • News UK Sales Charts: WWE 2K22 Can't Pin Down Gran Turismo 7 for Number One

    The race to the top

    The UK's physical games chart isn't often one to change, but a raft of exciting new releases means things have been hotting up among the bestsellers. Gran Turismo 7 remains in the top spot for the second week in a row, while WWE 2K22 debuts in second, selling best on PlayStation 5. While the redeemed wrestling title can't topple...

  • News More Parkour Challenges Heading to Dying Light 2 Soon

    Flying Scorpion available now

    One of the best things about Techland's Dying Light 2 is its parkour, so it's only right that the Nightrunner Trials make up some of the most enjoyable side content in the game. There were a decent number of them back at launch in February 2022, and the Polish developer is adding more very soon. In fact, one of them is...

  • News Babylon's Fall Survey Asks for Player Feedback to Offer a 'Better Game Experience'

    Focuses on graphics and presentation

    Babylon's Fall has sadly gotten off to a very rocky start. It's been critically panned, and judging by Steam player numbers, it's not holding the attention of its audience, either. No one ever wants a game to fail, of course, and there have been some miraculous revivals through the years. It seems Square Enix...

  • News EA Play Live 2022 Scrapped, Projects Not 'Lining Up' for One Show

    Will instead share info "when the time is right"

    Electronic Arts has confirmed it won't be hosting an EA Play Live showcase — neither physically nor digitally — later this year during the traditional E3 timeframe in June. In a statement issued to IGN, the publisher explains this is because the projects it currently has on the books "aren't...

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  • Guide Elden Ring: Best Locations to Farm Runes to Level Up Fast

    Where to farm Runes for quick and easy levelling

    Where are the best locations to farm Runes to level up fast in Elden Ring? Runes are Elden Ring's answer to Souls in Demon's Souls and Blood Echoes in Bloodborne. You'll earn Runes each time you kill an enemy, and these can then be spent on upgrading weapons, purchasing items from merchants, and...

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  • Guide Elden Ring: How to Complete Castle Morne

    A complete Castle Morne walkthrough

    How do you complete Castle Morne in Elden Ring? As part of our ongoing Elden Ring walkthrough, we're going to guide you through the vertical labyrinth that is Castle Morne. It's here that you'll find Edgar, the father of Irina, and is an important destination if you want to know

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  • Guide Elden Ring: All Armour List and Armour Sets and Where to Find Them

    How to get every piece of armour in Elden Ring

    What are all the armour sets and where do you find them in Elden Ring? Whether you're hoping to get some extra resistance against status effects or just want to play dress-up, we've got you covered as part of our Elden Ring guide. We'll be outlining what every armour set will do for you and where to...

  • Guide Elden Ring: All Armour and Armour Sets and Where to Find Them

    How to get every piece of armour in Elden Ring

    What are all the armour sets and where do you find them in Elden Ring? Whether you're hoping to get some extra resistances against status effects or just want to play dress up, we've got you covered as part of our Elden Ring guide. We'll be outlining what every armour set will do for you and where to...

  • Guide Elden Ring: All Crafting Recipes and How to Craft

    How to craft every item in Elden Ring

    What are all crafting recipes and how do you craft in Elden Ring? Crafting is one of many new mechanics added to Elden Ring, allowing you to combine resources to make useful items that will aid you in your journey through the Lands Between. In this Elden Ring guide we'll help you understand how it

  • Poll What Review Score Would You Give Elden Ring?

    Ohhhh, Elden Ring

    Bloody hell, it feels like Elden Ring's the biggest thing in gaming since, well, we're not even sure what. The buzz that's surrounded this game's launch has been ridiculous. We always thought that it was going to be a hit, but we didn't think that it would be this popular. For what is still essentially a Souls-like title, it's...

  • News PS5 Mascot Astro Bot Is Double-Jumping to Fall Guys

    A rescue mission

    Yet another PlayStation protagonist is hop, skip, and jumping to madcap multiplayer hit Fall Guys. Starting from 8th March through 13th March, a brand new Astro Bot costume – and various other themed cosmetics – will be unlockable, assuming you complete the Sweet Thieves Challenges. You’ll also be able to pick up a T-Rex Astro...

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  • Guide Elden Ring: How to Summon Spirits and Use Ashes Summons

    Where to get the Spirit Calling Bell

    How do you use Summon Spirits in Elden Ring? How do you use Ashes Summons in Elden Ring? It's likely you will gain access to some Ashes Summons before actually getting the ability to use them, like the Lone Wolf Ashes. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to summon spirits and use Ashes Summons...

  • Guide Elden Ring: Best Starting Class for All Playstyles

    Elden Ring starting classes compared and explained

    What's the best starting class in Elden Ring? Before even making it to The Lands Between, you'll need to make a vital decision: what starting class will you choose? While you can spec your character in any direction after making this choice, picking the right one makes certain builds easier to...

  • Guide Elden Ring: How Multiplayer and Summons Work

    How to play online with other players

    How do multiplayer and Summons work in Elden Ring? Playing online with friends or strangers is a core component of FromSoftware titles, but as a newcomer, the systems you use to connect with others can be confusing. There is no simple matchmaking button here; instead, you must use specific items. In this Elden...

  • Guide Elden Ring: Best Keepsake and All Starting Items Explained

    Picking the best Keepsake

    What's the best Keepsake in Elden Ring? What do all starting items do? Just like previous games, Elden Ring lets you take one item into the open world with you alongside creating starting class character. This is an important decision as it can impact your experience in the opening few hours. In this Elden Ring g

  • Guide Elden Ring: Best Weapons to Get First

    The must-have early game weapons

    What are the best weapons to get first in Elden Ring? Your first few forays into the Lands Between are bound to be overwhelming, regardless of the starting class you select, but we're here to ease the burden with a few weapons that'll have you felling foes in no time. In this

  • Guide Elden Ring: How to Level Up and Where to Meet Melina

    Get on the level

    How do you level up in Elden Ring? Upgrading your character, regardless of Starting Class, with statistical boosts is one of the most important things you can do in Elden Ring, but the ability isn't available from the beginning and you may be confused what to do. In this Elden Ring guide, we are goi

  • Guide Elden Ring: How to Get on Your Horse

    How to ride Torrent

    How do you get on your horse in Elden Ring? How do you ride Torrent? Navigating the open world at a rapid pace is crucial in the game, but the ability to call on your trusted steed isn't tied to any dedicated button. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to get on your horse. How Do You Get on Your Horse in Elden...

  • Guide Elden Ring Chest Teleport: How to Get Out of Sellia Crystal Tunnel

    Dragon-Burnt Ruins chest explained

    How do you get out of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel after opening the Dragon-Burnt Ruins chest in Elden Ring? So you have gone and got yourself teleported to a far away land and you're looking for aid. Fine, we shall lend a helping hand. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to get out of the Sellia...

  • Guide Elden Ring: How to Respec Character Stats

    How to reassign character levels

    How do you respec character stats in Elden Ring? If you're not happy with your build, regardless of your starting class, and would like to reassign your stat points, then the game does offer you a way to do this. However, you'll need to progress quite a ways through and find the right item. In this Elden Ring guide

  • Guide Elden Ring: How to Use Great Runes

    Where to activate Great Runes

    How do you use Great Runes in Elden Ring? Dropped by defeated mainline bosses, Great Runes must be activated before you can actually use them. They provide huge bonuses for the single life you active them during. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to Use Great Runes. How Do You Use Great Runes in Elden...

  • Guide Elden Ring: How to Replenish Flasks

    Without resting at Sites of Grace

    How do you replenish flasks in Elden Ring? The game allows you to get your Sacred Flask uses back at a Site of Grace, but there's another way to do it out in the field. In this Elden Ring guide, we're going to reveal how to replenish flasks. How Do You Replenish Flasks in Elden Ring?: Elden Ring implements

  • News Is GTA 5 on PS5 a Free Upgrade for PS4 Players? Probably Not

    No word on pricing, either

    Rockstar has just dropped a load of new details regarding the PlayStation 5 version of Grand Theft Auto V — and you can read all about them by clicking this link. But there's still one important question that Rockstar hasn't properly answered: will there be any kind of upgrade path for PS4 players? There's no mention of...

  • News GTA 5 on PS5 Features Three Visual Modes, Faster Loading, Enhanced Graphics, Much More

    Rockstar spills the beans

    Grand Theft Auto V — and GTA Online, which will be available separately — are making the leap to PlayStation 5 a little later this month. Rockstar Games has finally given us a few details on what to expect, and it seems as though the studio has added plenty of bells and whistles. The PS5 version of the ever-popular...

  • News Gran Turismo 7's New Approach to Microtransactions Isn't Going Down Well

    Taking all the credit

    During the long-term, post-launch support of Gran Turismo Sport, Polyphony Digital added countless new cars to the game, making them all available for purchase individually at varying prices. For Gran Turismo 7, the approach to microtransactions has shifted, and some are taking issue with it. Basically, the in-game purchases...

  • News PS5, PS4 Live Service Game Babylon's Fall Doesn't Look Good

    What went wrong?

    PlatinumGames wants to make more live service software – doesn’t everyone right now? – but it’s going to have to do better than Babylon’s Fall, which is off to a pathetic start. We’re still putting together our review – look out for that soon – but early indications are awful for the Square Enix published...

  • News This Dramatic Thai Ad for Elden Ring Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

    Family Thais

    We probably don't need to tell you that there's a big difference between eastern and western marketing. You think any UK advertising agencies could come up with something as bafflingly brilliant as Long Long Man? Of course not. While we're apparently quite content to be shown a product relatively directly, it's a different story...

  • Guide Where to Buy Gran Turismo 7 on PS5, PS4

    Update: Out now!

    The wait for the next instalment in the Gran Turismo franchise is finally over, with Gran Turismo 7 now available on both PlayStation 5 and PS4. We've been busy keeping track of all the best deals you'll find for the game; below, you'll find the cheapest prices for Gran Turismo 7, as well as details on the game's glorious...

  • Mini Review Shadow Warrior 3 (PS4) - A Very 2014 Shooter

    Wang gang

    Shadow Warrior 3 might be set in the demon-ravaged ruins of a futuristic Japan, but the game itself feels like a return to the early 2010s. Protagonist Lo Wang is constantly quipping, breaking the fourth wall and using his own name for dick jokes as he auditions to be the next Ryan Reynolds. There's parkour, grappling hooks, and an...

  • News Gran Turismo 7 Meets Ghost of Tsushima in the PlayStation Crossover Art No One Saw Coming

    The race is on

    We've come to expect PlayStation Studios congratulating one another on social media whenever a new game hits store shelves, but we honestly didn't see this particular artwork coming. Posted on Twitter by Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch, this crossover drawing features Jin racing against a slick looking sports car from the...

  • News Gran Turismo 7 Seemingly Suspended from Release in Russia

    Sony withholds Russian release of driving sim

    As of right now, Gran Turismo 7 is unavailable to purchase in Russia. Spotted by Eurogamer, the Russian PlayStation website has no fixed release date for the just-released sim racer. It's currently available worldwide everywhere on PS5 and PS4, with the exception of Russia, where the release date is...

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