We always suspected TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge would release on the PlayStation 4, but here’s official confirmation – and some sweet Master Splinter gameplay to sweeten the deal. As part of a big indie celebration on the PS Blog, developer DotEmu joined PlayStation Underground to give an update on the project and the design principles it’s leveraged for the Turtles elder.

“Master Splinter’s cane is an integral part of some of his basic and more advanced attacks. Once an enemy is struck by the cane attack a small window of opportunity opens up – a ground bounce that permits the player to create some massive combos,” the PS Blog post explains. He also has a ranged special attack which separates him from the rest of the cast.

You can read more about the animations, and see some in-progress artwork, through here. Or, alternatively, check out the gameplay footage above. The title’s due out “later this year” on the PS4, so it’s good to finally have official confirmation of a PlayStation release.

[source blog.playstation.com]