Sometimes, you have to step back and appreciate the sheer passion and enthusiasm of gamers. Earlier this week, Naughty Dog published a pretty neat conversation between Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann and movie star Tom Holland. The clip was released to promote the upcoming Uncharted movie, and is a nice light-hearted puff piece. But the thing that’s really grabbed fans’ attention is Druckmann’s hat!

We're going to need a better magnifying tool

The industry icon is wearing a baseball cap that has The Last of Us logo on it, but fans are unsure whether it says Part I or Part II beneath it. To be honest, we’re leaning towards the latter, but it’s just vague enough to promote a discussion. Naughty Dog is, of course, rumoured to be working on a remake of the original The Last of Us game to coincide with its upcoming TV show.

If you look at Druckmann’s biography on Twitter, he lists The Last of Us Part I & II as projects he’s worked on, although we’re not sure how else he’s supposed to phrase that. It’s interesting because this isn’t the first PlayStation exclusive to potentially get a subtle logo and name change – Guerrilla Games went back and altered Horizon Zero Dawn’s logo following the reveal of Forbidden West:

Horizon Zero Dawn 1
Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Look, there really isn’t anything to this story, in truth. The hat almost certainly says Part II, and even if Part I is being teased here, we’ve been hearing about the remake rumours for months and months now – it’s nothing new. We suppose this story speaks more to the enthusiasm of fans, really – much like the Abandoned saga last year, gamers are some of the most passionate sleuths around. We love a good baseball cap conspiracy theory!