Street Fighter 6 Logo 1

If we’re honest, there are more people talking about Street Fighter 6’s logo than the actual game. To be fair, Capcom’s late night reveal didn’t give us a fat lot to chat about: Ryu’s still got his beard, has a pretty wide torso, and newcomer Luke is returning to the fray. The logo, however, has become a huge talking point.

Street Fighter is, of course, historically known for its flashy fonts. This comparison, edited together by Reddit, shows the dramatic change:

Our initial impression is that it’s extremely esports flavoured: the kind of emblem you could easily add on jerseys and such. We’re not sure why, but it gives us a free-to-play flavour. Perhaps more surprising is that it’s literally based on an Adobe Stock graphic, which can be purchased by graphic designers for £47.99, or your local currency’s equivalent. To be fair, Capcom has thrown the “6” on it, and there are some subtle changes to the thickness of the characters and the angles of some of the lines.

But yeah, it’s very nearly identical:

Street Fighter 6 Logo 2

Already fans on Reddit are mocking up edited versions of the logo, which add a little more flavour to the mark:

We’re going to assume that the logo in the trailer is placeholder, especially seeing as it’s been practically pulled from a stock graphic design library. We know times have been tough at Capcom, but we’re pretty sure it can afford a better custom logo for the latest entry in one of its flagship franchises!

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