Sifu seems like it'll be a speedrunner's dream, and already we have world record attempts hitting the 40-minute mark on its official release date. And that's without dying once. YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming has posted his very own speedrun attempt, which came together across a few sittings. Therefore, it's not an official speedrun done all at once, but it's still impressive to see the kung fu game be beaten in such a short space of time already.

This is theoretically a full playthrough of the game, so be warned if you decide to watch the video the whole way through. We see the YouTuber fly through the early levels thanks to some shortcuts and extensive knowledge of the boss battles. He also prioritises rewards improving your structure and focus regain.

Do you think you could pull such a feat off? If not, check out our Sifu guide for tips on getting better at the game. Then show us your best high kick in the comments below.