Sifu Free Content Updates

Sifu will be getting what sounds like a healthy amount of post-launch support. The challenging kung fu brawler is out today (that's the 8th February) on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, but developer SloClap is already promising "free content updates", with more information coming soon.

The studio confirms on the PlayStation Blog: "We wanted you to know that part of the team behind Sifu is already at work on post-launch content. We have exciting plans for free content updates that we will soon be able to tell you more about!"

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So, what could be added to Sifu? As noted in our Sifu PS5 review, it isn't an especially long game, but there's loads of replayability to be found in trying to master each stage. Perhaps updates could add things like time trials, or specific gameplay modifiers that allow for challenge runs. The title feels tailormade for that kind of stuff.

Or maybe more accessibility options, or even difficulty settings are in order? It really all depends on what SloClap wants Sifu to be. What would you like to see? Dodge those red strikes in the comments section below.