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Rockstar’s disappointing GTA Trilogy remasters will get a new patch next week, presumably addressing any other outstanding issues with these shoddy re-releases. The package – featuring GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas – launched last year, and was quickly ridiculed for its poor performance and presentation. The publisher eventually apologised for the launch, and promised fixes – although they’ve been slow to materialise.

“New patches are coming next week for the GTA Trilogy across all platforms,” the label wrote on social media. “We appreciate the community’s patience and support.”

We awarded the GTA Trilogy a 5/10 in our PS5 review, and described it as a “stain on Rockstar’s record”: “All three mainline GTA games from the PS2 era are seminal pieces, and they still hold up to modern scrutiny – the outstanding GTA San Andreas especially. But as remasters these are weak: they chug on modern hardware and are undone by questionable artistic decisions.”