Sackboy: A Big Adventure has received its fair share of freebie DLC outfits, and that's not stopping just yet. To celebrate the release of Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games' action RPG sequel, the cuddly platformer has just received a duo of new costumes, and as usual, they're adorable.

Aloy and her mysterious frenemy Sylens have been turned into skins for everyone's favourite ragdoll mascot. The two outfits are available right now on PlayStation Store as free DLC for A Big Adventure. These costumes join Returnal's Selene, Ellie and Abby, Ratchet, Clank, Rivet, and more in the first-party character collection.

Which is your favourite so far? Will you be sporting Aloy's or Sylens' costume in Sackboy: A Big Adventure? Gather those bubbles in the comments section below.