Resident Evil 4

It's been a while since we heard anything about the rumoured remake of Resident Evil 4, but a new report from Fanbyte suggests the project is making some changes to the beloved game. Citing sources speaking to the website, Imran Khan (who accurately reported on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 long before its announcement) claims the remake is expected to be unveiled in "early 2022". Therefore, if all goes to plan, a reveal may not be too far away.

The changes made in the remake, however, are what fans will be most interested in. According to Khan, the famous introductory sequence in which Leon S. Kennedy is chased by a gang of villagers will now take place at night. In fact, a "decent portion" of the game will be under the cover of darkness. This is apparently to make for a scarier tone and to bring the game more in line with what was pitched during the development of the original title on Nintendo Gamecube.

Elsewhere, some of the optional campaigns like Assignment: Ada and Separate Ways are being fleshed out. According to the report, Resident Evil 3 developer M-Two is focusing on combining the two campaigns to make for a "more fluid and polished companion piece". However, it's not yet known if this content will be part of the base package or sold later as DLC. It's also noted that side characters will be given larger roles and more screen time.

The Resident Evil 4 remake project is yet to be confirmed by Capcom, but if Fanbyte's report proves to be true, then an official announcement could take place in the next couple of months. We wouldn't expect it to actually launch until next year at the very least, however.

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