Ghostwire: Tokyo PS5

Just like it did with Deathloop, Bethesda is once again offering a 10 per cent discount on its final PlayStation 5 console exclusive if you happen to have a PS Plus subscription. Pre-orders for Ghostwire: Tokyo went live overnight on the PS Store, revealing a lower price if you're a member of Sony's service. Instead of full price, you'll pay £53.99/$53.99. The offer is available up until the game's release date, which is 25th March 2022.

If you opt for the standard version, you'll get the base PS5 game along with some pre-order bonuses. Those are a Biker Outfit and the Hannya Outfit. If you cough up more cash for the Deluxe Edition (£71.99/$71.99 with PS Plus), then you'll get the aforementioned items along with three days of early access, the Streetwear Outfit Pack, a Shinobi Outfit, and the Kunai Weapon. You can bump up the release date to 22nd March 2022 if you pre-order the Deluxe Edition, effectively.

We shared our first impressions of Ghostwire: Tokyo based on a 30-minute gameplay presentation earlier today. Click the link to check out our thoughts and let us know if you'll be taking advantage of this PS Plus deal in the comments below.