Horizon Forbidden West PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Horizon Forbidden West releases this week, and you can read our full review through here. Of course, it’s common for a game’s Trophy list to appear on Sony’s servers prior to release, but we’d recommend you take extreme care before browsing it. While story-related Trophies are “hidden” by default on the console, a lot of tracking websites like PSNProfiles tend to expose them anyway.

And developer Guerrilla Games has not been very careful with its trinket names. While developers will still tend to disguise the nature of their story-related Trophies with ambiguous titles, the Dutch first-party has been a little more upfront than it should have been with its sequel. It ultimately means if you casually browse through the full list of Trophies, you’ll have key story sequences spoiled.

It’s a massive oversight from a studio that, frankly, should know a lot better. We’d heavily caution against looking at the Trophies before you play – don’t worry, the Platinum is fairly straightforward and there are no missables that we’re aware of. Ultimately, it’s ironic that Guerrilla Games has gone to such great lengths to preserve the plot of its sequel, only to reveal it all in Trophy titles – but here we are.