It’s becoming a bit of a PlayStation Studios tradition, isn’t it? Ever since the first few Sony first-party GIFs went viral, virtually every team has been trying to get in on the fun. Guerrilla is the latest to give it a go, with a set of memes featuring characters from Horizon Forbidden West. For example, here’s one of Aloy:

And this Sylens one is even better – it really shows off the overall improvements to his character model, doesn’t it?

Even Erend, with his irritating facial hair, is getting in on the fun:

Oh, and what’s that? You want to see the whole crew? Go on then:

You can view the full collection over on Giphy if you like. Remember, if you’re looking for more on the PlayStation 5 and PS4 exclusive, then you can browse our Horizon Forbidden West guide through the link. It’s pretty comprehensive – although sadly it doesn’t include any reaction GIFs!