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Horizon Forbidden West got off to a strong start in the UK, but its sales were down slightly compared to Horizon Zero Dawn. Of course, it’s important to remember that those initial sales only reflected physical copies, and the industry is increasingly shifting towards digital – even when it comes to story-based, single player titles.

Turns out that 49 per cent of Horizon Forbidden West’s sales were purchased via the PS Store in the UK, through 19th February. That means, with less days tracked, the title should be trending slightly ahead of its predecessor overall, as is to be expected now that the series is more established, we suppose.

Of the sales split, 67 per cent of digital copies were purchased on the PS5, which is roughly consistent with what we observed with boxed copies. It’s important to remember that it was actually cheaper to buy the PS4 version and take advantage of Sony’s free PS4 to PS5 upgrade, but it seems like most people weren’t aware of this option – or simply didn’t care.

Interestingly, the hype surrounding Horizon Forbidden West actually propelled digital sales of Horizon Zero Dawn as well in Britain, and it was the seventh best-selling downloadable game in the country through the week ending 19th February. If you’re looking for more on Guerrilla Games’ sequel, then be sure to check out our Horizon Forbidden West review and Horizon Forbidden West guide through the link.

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