Shuhei Yoshida Sony PlayStation 1

Ex-PlayStation Studios boss and current Sony indies evangelist Shuhei Yoshida has got PlayStation fans in something of a social media spin, after he posted a list of his five most recently played games. The selection starts off straightforward enough: Horizon Forbidden West, Genshin Impact, Sifu – we’re sure many of you have been playing similar titles of late.

However, the list takes a devilish twist, with some top Yoshida teasing: an unreleased puzzle action game and an unreleased Soulslike are among the other titles that have been keeping him busy. We’re going to assume the latter is Salt & Sacrifice, which recently secured a 10th May release date. Shuhei did clarify that it’s not Elden Ring, so cross that off your list of guesses.

In response to some comments, Yoshida also said that one of the games has PSVR support – presumably it’s the puzzle action title. Our guess? Maybe Moss: Book 2. Of course, it’s part of Shuhei’s job to play games before they’re released, so there’s nothing majorly surprising about his post. Nevertheless, what do you think the two secret titles he’s talking about are? We may as well keep the speculation going in the comments section below.