And there it is; the long rumoured Chrono Cross remaster is real. Its official title is Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition (pfffft) and it's coming to PlayStation 4 on 7th April.

This is a pretty big deal considering that the original Chrono Cross on PS1 never actually released in Europe, and many would argue that it's a somewhat overlooked RPG. As you'd expect of a remaster, character models and other assets have been upgraded, but this one also has new artwork, "refined" music, "battle enhancement features", and the ability to turn off enemy encounters entirely.

Oh, and here's one for the super-fans: Radical Dreamers Edition also includes, ahem, Radical Dreamers: Le Trésor Interdit — a text adventure released for the SNES' Satellaview back in 1996. It lays the foundations for the story of Chrono Cross, if you care that much.

It sounds like Square Enix has put some effort into this, but will you be playing Chrono Cross again in April? Or perhaps for the first time? Travel far and wide in the comments section below.