Two Point Campus was announced back in June of last year, and after a period of quiet, we now have a final release date. The follow-up to Two Point Hospital is preparing for its freshman year when it arrives on 17th May 2022.

Coming to both PlayStation 5 and PS4, the game swaps out healthcare for academics as you build your very own university. It has a lot of similarities to its predecessor, with tongue-in-cheek writing, colourful presentation, and neat, simple gameplay. Obviously, though, instead of curing daft diseases, you're preparing for students to learn silly subjects instead.

We're glad SEGA has graced us with a game that won't be launching in February, so kudos to that decision. In all seriousness, we're quite looking forward to this; the previous game is a delightful management sim, and we've no doubt this one will be too. What about you? Are you enrolling in Two Point Campus? Sign up in the comments section below.