F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch is recent proof that indie games out of China can be pretty good, and the next one out of the country doesn't look too bad either. In Nightmare is its name, releasing for PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 29th March 2022. This is a top-down horror game where you'll have to solve puzzles whilst hiding from all manner of monsters. The trailer above shows some of them off.

The game has you play as a young boy "who closes himself off from everything and falls into a deep slumber, where nightmares have come to life to haunt his every move. The narrative-driven story forces the boy to face what is truly in his heart. Will he lock himself away forever, or will he cling on to his last hope of love as he drifts into the darkness?" Seemingly without any combat, you'll need to manipulate the monsters into falling for your traps via the completion of puzzles.

A physical copy of the game on either PS5 or PS4 can be pre-ordered over on the Maximum Games online store for £16.99. Are you interested? Let us know in the comments below.