FromSoftware has always let you go to town with its character creators. From the gorgeous to the ghastly, you've been able to create pretty much whatever your heart desires. However, with Elden Ring, it looks like the studio has stepped things up yet another gear. A YouTube video hit the internet over the weekend that claims to show off the game's character creation screen, and it very much looks like the real deal.

The feature appears incomplete in the video, with the descriptors of what you're actually editing missing on the left-hand side, but you can still see their effects on the character model. The video begins by going through some fairly handsome pre-sets, but it's not too long before the more abstract face manipulations start.

You can contort your character's face in all manner of ways — give them gigantic eyes or an elongated nose — and then dramatically change the colour of their skin. The video ends with a green-skinned human with red marks on their chest, arms, and legs. You know, the usual FromSoftware stuff.

One other takeaway is how good the character models actually look, even if you try to do the opposite. These all look of particularly high quality, ensuring you'll look just as good as the environments and enemies. Elden Ring is out on 25th February 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PS4, and you can read our latest thoughts based on the somewhat recent Closed Network Test through the link.

Will you make your Elden Ring character look normal or weird? Decide in the comments below.

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