PlayStation Plus Leaks

For the last seven months or so, new PlayStation Plus games have been outed on a French website called Dealabs ahead of Sony's official announcements. These leaks have become so routine that we've started waiting on them as opposed to the official reveals — but this might be the end of an era. We're just two days out from February 2022's PS Plus games being announced, and we're leak-free.

Of course, there's still time for a cheeky leak over the next 48 hours, but these leaks typically happen either a week or several days before the big reveal (often on the weekend prior). It could be that Sony's finally locked things down (the big win that Jim Ryan needs, we're sure).

Again though, we're not counting out the possibility that a leak could drop as soon as we publish this article. In fact, we wouldn't be at all surprised, but if it does happen, then you can expect to read all about the latest leak right here on Push Square.

What's your take on these leaks? Do you like knowing about PS Plus games early, or do you miss the big surprise? Vote in our poll, and keep your eyes peeled in the comments section below.

Do you like having PS Plus games leaked early?