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Sony has responded to reports which suggested it was making more PlayStation 4 consoles to deal with a shortfall of PS5 stock. Speaking with NLab, as reported by Yahoo, a spokesperson said that it never planned to cease production of its previous platform at the end of last year, and it’s certainly not making more PS4s to make up for the limited availability of its new-gen console.

In a reaction piece, we pointed out that its order of an additional one million last-gen systems was unlikely to mean much in the grand scheme of things, and noted that Sony has always celebrated the ten year lifespans of its systems. Of course, that didn’t prevent social media from freaking out, and riffing on boss Jim Ryan’s “we believe in generations” statement. Some sites even suggested this would result in more cross-gen releases.

But the Japanese giant has stressed that none of this is true, was planned all along, and will not affect PS5 availability. A storm in a teacup, then? That’s the Internet’s modus operandi these days, isn’t it?

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