Never has a new game looked more PlayStation 2 than Showa American Story! Announced as a post-apocalyptic RPG from NEKCOM Games, this will conjure fond memories of those strange titles you used to find in GameStop’s bargain bins back in the day. It’s got character action combat, third-person zombie shooting, and gratuitous jiggle physics – it’s almost like it’s 2002 again!

The story setup is equally amusing: “Japan has bought out most of the United States with its strong economic power. A surge of immigration has firmly planted Japanese culture within the American continent. Two cultures are rapidly amalgamated, although conflicts are inevitable, citizens gradually adapt to a life never imagined as time goes by.”

Then zombies happen, for some reason! “A mysterious catastrophic incident changes the world drastically. The social order is long gone. An unknown amount of time passes, a teenage girl mysteriously revives from the dead, only to find a brand new wild post-apocalyptic world with zombies, monsters, and human survivors of different backgrounds and beliefs.”

In addition to the action, you’ll be engaging in “unexpected nostalgic minigames” as you attempt to “live a better life and become stronger, even if it is the end of the world”. This has got 3/10 written all over it, but it’s got that No More Heroes-esque nonsense charm to it that could make it a cult classic. Consider our attention piqued!